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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

whEn i Found You

I believe

We all have one true love
Somewhere in this world, I do

When it seemed
All my dreams
Were falling through
That's when I found you

I believe for every heart
That whispers in the dark
There's a ray of light somewhere
Shining through
It was sink
Or swim
When the tide came in

I found myself
When I found you
I found the closest thing to heaven
Yes in you
I found the deepest love I knew

I'll believe
Yes it's true
I found myself
When I found yoU

I believe 
For every door
That's closing
For every heartbreak 
There's hope for something new
From the ashes rise a glimpse of paradise
It still flickered in your eyes

A life unfolds
No one knows
I thought love was just a tingling of the skin
I felt so alone
All Alone
More than you could ever know
You show deep love
Sweet love

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