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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Want your share of RM50,000 in prizes? Play the 100PLUS Mindwarp Challenge and Outdo Yourself!

jom korang-korang Join the 100PLUS Outdo Yourself Facebook page and test your speed, wits and memory with the 100PLUS Mindwarp Challenge.  Start your quest to be the best with our mind-warping online game as you compete for your share of RM50,000 worth of prizes!

If you’re quick enough, get set to compete in the ultimate mental and physical challenge at the Finals!

Top 15 fastest winners compete in the Finals for a grand prize of RM10,000

Main prizes:
3 fastest winners – Samsung Galaxy Tab + 100PLUS (6-can pack)
2 fastest winners – Samsung Galaxy S + 100PLUS (6-can pack)
10 fastest winners – Samsung NX100 + 100PLUS (6-can pack)

p/s : klik gambar kat ats and support this campaign ok (^_^) mana tahu rezeki korang menang adiah2 tu syokkk taw 

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